Infrared Magic Ink Marked Piatnik 33 Blatt Poker Cards

Infrared magic ink marked Piatnik 33 Blatt poker cards can help you dominate the game with your opponents and be the absolute winner!Piatnik 33 Blatt poker playing cards are made…

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Piatnik 33 Blatt Playing Cards marked with Infrared Magic Ink can help you dominate your opponents and become the absolute winner!

Piatnik 33 Blatt playing cards are made in Austria. Principles laid down in 1824 have guided the management and operations of Viennese playing card manufacturer Ferdinand Piatnik and Sons for generations to come. Production methods, distribution and products may have changed significantly over the years, but the standard of excellence has not. As one of the most classic playing cards, Piatnik is widely used in your unique place, Piatnik playing cards marked with infrared magic ink can be of great help in the game.


With infrared magic ink reader sunglasses or contact lenses, Piatnik marked playing cards are perfect for poker or bridge and other card games. A user with an infrared magic ink pen can see the markings surreptitiously, clearly knowing the markings of all suits and cards of the opponent, while others are unaware of them. Since high-quality marked cards will have any glowing markings, a human cannot see any difference with the naked eye, so they are relatively safe for your game.

A top grade infrared magic ink marked Piatnik 33 Blatt playing card can cost a little more than other inferior playing cards, and it will always bring you much more than what you pay for.


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