Modiano Jumbo Bike with Cards Marking Ink

Modiano Jumbo Bike cards with marking ink are plastic playing cards which can last 50 times longer than paper poker cards. Like its name, there are three bike tires on…
poker cheat poker cards include Barcode marked cards, Infrared Marked Cards, they look like ordinary cards. But they are different indeed. Because there is an invisible barcode or mark on the edge of the cards. So that the poker card scanner can scan the barcode , and it will send the information to the video poker hand analyzer host and see through the results through matching glasses.

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Modiano Jumbo Bike Cards with Marking Ink are plastic playing cards that last 50 times longer than paper playing cards. Like its name, the Modiano Jumbo Bike deck has three bike tires on it. They are playing card sized playing cards with a large index. For the Modiano Jumbo Bike playing cards, there are only two colors: red and blue.

In general, red decks will perform better than blue decks when marked with invisible ink. The reason is that marker inks are more visible when they are brightly colored. Ink is not in the wavelength range that our eyes can see, so these Modiano Jumbo Bike marked decks are invisible to players without infrared contact lenses.

In casino gambling, the Modiano Jumbo Bike Poker Cheat Card can perform very well. They can add variety to your poker winning streak. In addition to poker games, they also offer poker magic shows. These special cards help the magician know which playing cards the lucky spectator has chosen. What’s more, viewers won’t know the secrets of these marked playing cards because Modiano Jumbo Bike marked playing cards are indistinguishable from regular Jumbo Bike playing cards.


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