Maverick Spy Playing Cards with Invisible Marking

Maverick spy playing cards with invisible marking for infrared contact lenses or sunglasses are quite suitable for magician or poker players in Texas Hold’em or Omaha game. They have jumbo…
poker cheat poker cards include Barcode marked cards, Infrared Marked Cards, they look like ordinary cards. But they are different indeed. Because there is an invisible barcode or mark on the edge of the cards. So that the poker card scanner can scan the barcode , and it will send the information to the video poker hand analyzer host and see through the results through matching glasses.

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Maverick Spy Playing Cards have invisible markers with infrared contact lenses or sunglasses, perfect for magicians or poker players in Texas Hold’em or Omaha games. They have red and blue jumbo playing cards. We generally mark our playing cards with professional printers rather than invisible ink pens, which is why we are so confident in the quality of our playing cards. As we all know, the key to poker marking lies in the ink adjustment technology. Therefore, it is difficult to mark a perfect card using only an ink pen. And how do you pick the perfect Maverick Agent card?

First, an immaculate Maverick Stealth playing card should have a clear appearance when marked, with no sticking together or even missing cards. There are so many marked cards on the market, there are cheap cards and expensive cards. We always classify those cards mentioned above as cheap cards. Maybe the markings are clear enough, but it also gives you a bad feeling of use. Another important point is that the markings on the back of Maverick Marking playing cards should not be visible in different light. And can only be read with the help of card cheats, such as unique contact lenses, sunglasses or poker cameras etc.


Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses / DHL, Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses / EMS, Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses / Fedex, Blue / Poker Sunglasses / DHL, Blue / Poker Sunglasses / EMS, Blue / Poker Sunglasses / Fedex, Red / Infrared Contact Lenses / DHL, Red / Infrared Contact Lenses / EMS, Red / Infrared Contact Lenses / Fedex, Red / Poker Sunglasses / DHL, Red / Poker Sunglasses / EMS, Red / Poker Sunglasses / Fedex


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