Marked Playing Cards

Infrared marked cards
There are two types infrared marked card, one with glasses and the other with an infrared camera Marked cards. The marked cards with glasses is a very common type of marked cards that is used by many poker players. They can be read with infrared contacts or with glasses that can see invisible ink. Without the marked cards reader you will not be able to detect the marks. The markings are made by a uv printer with a printing machine. With the cheating playing cards device cheaters can identify each card quickly with its suit and number. marked infrared cards can be detected with perfect clarity at any distance. You will be able to identify each poker hand very quickly, giving you an edge over your opponents.

Marked Playing cards with Glasses
luminous marking cards is another name for marked playing cards with glasses. This is because we call it luminous when we use cheating devices on playing cards to read back marks. They are popular because they’re easy to use, and there is no limit on space or people. The only thing you need is your personal items like marked cards and glasses or marked cards with uv lenses.

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