Poker Table Lamp with Long Distance Spy Camera

It is a common thing that more and more casino poker games and house games ban players putting their phone, wallet, or other irrelevant stuff on the table. So players…

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It is not uncommon for an increasing number of casino poker games and home games to prohibit players from leaving their phones, wallets, or other irrelevant items on the table. So players will need a poker table lamp with a longer range spy camera.

The poker desk lamp with long range spy camera can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Covered by real lamp mockups that will not arouse any suspicion. What’s more, players focus on their game rather than their surroundings.


As for the scanning distance, here are 1-2m, 2-3m, 3-4m, and longer distances. The mini remote is responsible for adjusting the scanner and its focus. You don’t need to worry about its working time, because it is used to charge with an outlet. In addition, its signal transmitter can transmit accurate and precise barcode images to the poker analyzer within 0-1 second. Without any obstacles, the distance between the poker light spy camera and the mobile phone analyzer can be as long as about 5 meters.

The long-distance candid poker table lamp is powerful and practical, and we also provide our customers with preferential prices and high-quality after-sales services. That’s why the light poker anti-theft camera has been on the list of our company’s hot-selling products.


25cm / Black / 10 hours, 25cm / Black / 24 hours, 25cm / Others / 10 hours, 25cm / Others / 24 hours, 25cm / White / 10 hours, 25cm / White / 24 hours, 30cm / Black / 10 hours, 30cm / Black / 24 hours, 30cm / Others / 10 hours, 30cm / Others / 24 hours, 30cm / White / 10 hours, 30cm / White / 24 hours


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