CVK 350 Samsung Built-in Camera for Poker Cheat

CVK 350 is a SAMSUNG model playing cards analyzer with a built-in camera and it is popular among the poker cheating products market. Except for its Samsung model, the reason…

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CVK 350 is a SAMSUNG model poker analyzer with a built-in camera, which is very popular in the poker cheating product market. Apart from its Samsung model, its popularity is mainly due to its high efficiency. In other words, it scans cards faster and more accurately than other models of poker analyzers.

CVK 350 Poker Analyzer is a poker cheating device that can help users get poker game results before placing bets. Whether it’s Texas Hold’em, Four Card Omaha, Five Card Omaha, or Blackjack, it can report the winning results to the user. Just point the scanner at the barcode tag card within the scanning distance, and the user will get the result within a second.

CVK 350 Poker Analyzer Scanning Distance is a poker analyzer that integrates an analysis system and a scanning camera, and can be connected with an external scanning camera. For example, the scanning distance of the CVK 350 Poker Winner Analyzer itself is about 20-40 cm, which is suitable for players in seats 1 and 10. But if you need another scanning distance, like seat 4, you can go with an analyzer with a power bank scanner.


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