Modiano Club Bridge Casino Cheat Cards

Modiano Club Bridge marked decks of playing cards are Casino Cheat Cards for poker tricks. With the invisible marks on the back, users can wear professional infrared contact lenses to…
poker cheat poker cards include Barcode marked cards, Infrared Marked Cards, they look like ordinary cards. But they are different indeed. Because there is an invisible barcode or mark on the edge of the cards. So that the poker card scanner can scan the barcode , and it will send the information to the video poker hand analyzer host and see through the results through matching glasses.

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Modiano Club Bridge marked playing cards are casino cheat cards used for poker tricks. There are invisible marks on the back, and wearing professional infrared contact lenses can see suits and scores, and enjoy the fun of the game.

Someone once asked, why do players with good hands always lose? Now you see that the keys are casino cheat cards marked with invisible ink. Some casinos may play with marked playing cards instead of clean ones, the difference is invisible to the naked eye even when looking at the cards carefully, and marked playing cards are clearly visible to users of contact lenses.

Can anyone detect the Modiano Club Bridge Casino cheat cards with glowing markers? Yes, there are special devices that can see the invisible infrared markers of the marker set. However, there is no need to worry about it in daily life or games, because people cannot see any traces with ordinary glasses or contact lenses and naked eyes under normal light conditions. Few everyday items can do this to reveal invisible ink. Regardless, be aware that some infrared devices, such as infrared lights, can help see the markings.


Blue / Poker size / Barcode, Blue / Poker size / IR&UV markings, Blue / Standard Index / Barcode, Blue / Standard index / IR&UV markings, Brown / Poker size / Barcode, Brown / Poker size / IR&UV markings, Brown / Standard index / Barcode, Brown / Standard index / IR&UV markings, Green / Poker size / Barcode, Green / Poker size / IR&UV markings, Green / Standard index / Barcode, Green / Standard index / IR&UV markings, Red / Poker size / Barcode, Red / Poker size / IR&UV markings, Red / Standard Index / Barcode, Red / Standard index / IR&UV markings


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