Infrared Sunglasses for Marked Playing Cards

Reading marked playing cards with infrared contact lenses is already a simple way to play a trick on poker game. Then how about with a pair of infrared sunglasses to…

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Reading marked playing cards with infrared contact lenses is already an easy way to play the game of poker. How about donning a pair of infrared sunglasses to read cards marked on the back with invisible ink? In fact, if you are not used to wearing contact lenses in your daily life, this would be a good option for us. Infrared sunglasses work on the same principle as infrared contact lenses.

Our eyes perceive light to a certain extent. In a way, light waves outside this range are invisible to the naked eye, so the object doesn’t exist to us. For example, we know that the cards we mark are marked by professional printers using invisible ink packs and original playing cards. As we said, ink is invisible to our eyes, so we have to use special tools to see it. Because the ink we use for marking cards is infrared ink, our eyes cannot recognize under infrared light. It is based on this principle that we process our ordinary sunglasses into infrared sunglasses. At the same time, we also coated a layer of ordinary polarized glass on the glasses to make it look more like ordinary sunglasses and reduce the suspicion of other players.


Black / Oval / DHL, Black / Oval / EMS, Black / Oval / Fedex, Black / Pilot / DHL, Black / Pilot / EMS, Black / Pilot / Fedex, Black / Round / DHL, Black / Round / EMS, Black / Round / Fedex, Gold / Oval / DHL, Gold / Oval / EMS, Gold / Oval / Fedex, Gold / Pilot / DHL, Gold / Pilot / EMS, Gold / Pilot / Fedex, Gold / Round / DHL, Gold / Round / EMS, Gold / Round / Fedex, Gray / Oval / DHL, Gray / Oval / EMS, Gray / Oval / Fedex, Gray / Pilot / DHL, Gray / Pilot / EMS, Gray / Pilot / Fedex, Gray / Round / DHL, Gray / Round / EMS, Gray / Round / Fedex


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