AKK A1 Poker Analyzer Scanning System

AKK A1 poker analyzer scanning system is one of the most popular and useful products these days. This system of phone analyzer and barcode marked decks work well for the…

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The AKK A1 Poker Analyzer Scanning System is one of the most popular and useful products available today. This phone analyzer and barcode deck marking system is ideal for gambling cheats in poker games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

What are the advantages of AKK A1?

The AKK A1 Poker Scanning System is the first mobile phone analyzer that can be equipped with a radar scanner camera. With such a high-quality camera, it can scan invisible barcode marks faster than other scanner devices. This is the biggest advantage of AKK A1 Scanner Analyzer.

Another great thing about this AKK A1 poker analyzer is that it has an associated one-to-one mini earphone, no one else can share the sound of your AKK A1 analyzer. Of course, with a one-to-one headset you can sneakily hear the winning hands ahead of time. Also, if this particular bluetooth headset unfortunately fails, you can set up this phone analyzer to work with normal headsets that can be used with other poker analyzers.

AKK A1 Game Set

Like some other poker analyzer devices, this poker analyzer system AKK A1 can be set up for any three poker games such as Omaha 4 Card, Omaha 5 Card, Texas Hold’em, Rhonda, etc. Just let us know your game requirements and we can always find the right game program for you on Poker Analyzer.


20-40 CM / Wireless 2.37G / English, 20-40 CM / Wireless 2.37G / Russian, 20-40 CM / Wireless 2.47G / English, 20-40 CM / Wireless 2.47G / Russian, 20-40 CM / Wireless 2.57G / English, 20-40 CM / Wireless 2.57G / Russian, 25-45 CM / Wireless 2.37G / English, 25-45 CM / Wireless 2.37G / Russian, 25-45 CM / Wireless 2.47G / English, 25-45 CM / Wireless 2.47G / Russian, 25-45 CM / Wireless 2.57G / English, 25-45 CM / Wireless 2.57G / Russian


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