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Marked poker cards contact lenses also can be called IR/UV ink eye contacts, which have a unique function that can see invisible ink special marks under different lights. It is…

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Marked playing card contact lenses can also be called IR/UV ink contact lenses, it has a unique function that can see invisible ink special marks under different light. It is a special tool that helps players win in different poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Baccarat and Blackjack. Like regular prescription contact lenses, marked poker contact lenses come in different types based on size and eye color. Ordinary glasses may be more about changing the beauty of the appearance, but contact lenses should not change the original eye color after wearing. When it comes to choosing the right pair of poker contact lenses, here are some suggestions.

1. For black or dark eyes, I recommend you to choose 9mm size contact lenses, because it will not change your eye color, and it will ensure enough readable area even if it moves in your eyes.

2. For green, blue eyes or other light-colored eyes, you can choose 6mm or 4mm lenses to avoid changing the color of the eyes. If you feel that color is not an issue, it is also reasonable to choose 9mm infrared contact lenses.

3. The quality of marked poker contact lenses is very important. Generally, ordinary quality can be used for more than eight months, and top quality can be used for more than two years. Some customers prefer the cheapest poker lenses, which can hurt your eyes. Of course, the price will be low, around $150-250. It may not be a good choice to choose this one. If you wear inferior card fraud contact lenses after using it for a period of time, the stained area will spread and the original color will gradually disappear.

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