Inductive Casino Magic Cheating Dice

When it comes to famous and useful dice cheating device, it occurs to many people that inductive casino magic cheating dice. Inside the induction dice (radio wave dice), radio wave…

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When it comes to the famous and easy-to-use dice cheater, many people will think of induction casino magic cheating dice.

Induction dice (radio wave dice), radio wave transmitter and battery are fixed inside. When you hold the induction dice in your hand, it is difficult and impossible for other people to perceive it only from the weight and appearance of the induction dice. Then, you can know each sensing point through the vibration receiver. Depending on the radio’s different radio lengths, you can calculate pretty accurately what it represents. When you receive the package of induction dice, you will receive a note that will tell you exactly what each point is.

Another thing to note is that Proximity Dice can only be used with a shock receiver. That is, two vibration receivers are required to play two induction dice. Unlike remote control dice, one remote control can control multiple magnetic dice. Therefore, when placing an order, it is best to figure out how many induction dice you need.

All in all, perfect accuracy, fast speed, and easy control of the sensing casino cheating dice for all the dice games you play.


Rounded Corner / Black / DHL, Rounded Corner / Black / EMS, Rounded Corner / Black / Fedex, Rounded Corner / Blue / DHL, Rounded Corner / Blue / EMS, Rounded Corner / Blue / Fedex, Rounded Corner / Green / DHL, Rounded Corner / Green / EMS, Rounded Corner / Green / Fedex, Rounded Corner / Red / DHL, Rounded Corner / Red / EMS, Rounded Corner / Red / Fedex, Rounded Corner / White / DHL, Rounded Corner / White / EMS, Rounded Corner / White / Fedex, Rounded Corner / Yellow / DHL, Rounded Corner / Yellow / EMS, Rounded Corner / Yellow / Fedex, Square Corner / Black / DHL, Square Corner / Black / EMS, Square Corner / Black / Fedex, Square Corner / Blue / DHL, Square Corner / Blue / EMS, Square Corner / Blue / Fedex, Square Corner / Green / DHL, Square Corner / Green / EMS, Square Corner / Green / Fedex, Square Corner / Red / DHL, Square Corner / Red / EMS, Square Corner / Red / Fedex, Square Corner / White / DHL, Square Corner / White / EMS, Square Corner / White / Fedex, Square Corner / Yellow / DHL, Square Corner / Yellow / EMS, Square Corner / Yellow / Fedex


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