Dice Scanning Cup Camera Gambling Cheating Device

Dice scanning cup with the camera lens is the most useful cheating device for any dices games. The whole set of dice scanning cup camera cheating devices includes the dices…

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A dice scanning cup with a camera lens is the most useful cheating device in any dice game. The whole set of dice scan cup camera cheater includes built-in dice cup see-through camera and monitors like dedicated mobile phone without any processed dice.

The cups in this set can be white porcelain cups or dark plastic cups, which are used to install the mini see-through camera, which is not easy to be noticed by others. The installed camera is so hidden that it cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Usually a dice cup camera with a signal transmitter reads the dice, which can be one dice or several dice, under the cup and sends the signal to a display with a receiver that can make it exactly the image of the dice with points look. When you get all the dice points in advance, you can also make smart decisions in the game and be the final winner. These products will work with dice of any color.

For better and safer use, users can make full use of this set of dice scanning cup camera cheats in the game together with their friends.

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