Cup Scanning Camera Playing Cards Reader

Cup scanning camera is a portable reader to scan barcode marked playing cards. Cup playing cards reader is a good device which can help you know the possible winners before…

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The Cup Scanning Camera is a portable reader for scanning cards marked with a playing card barcode. A cup poker card reader is a great device to help you know your likely winners before your poker bet begins. Cup camera will be equipped with a controller, and a charging cable. The cup scanner’s batteries are also replaceable, but you’ll need to buy them extra. When fully charged, the camera can last for about 3 hours.

At the bottom of the cup playing card scanner, there is an infrared miniature camera that can scan and capture playing card barcodes. Players only need to use the remote control to turn on the camera. The cup scanning camera can be connected to various poker analyzers.

The cup scanning camera is a short-range scanner with a scanning distance of about 25 to 40cm. Players need to place the side-marked cards within scanning distance. Otherwise, the cup scanner cannot scan the barcode on the marked playing cards. After scanning the barcode, it sends the information to the poker analyzer via the transmitter. When the poker analyzer receives the information, it calculates the possible winners within 0.3 seconds and transmits the result to the player via a Bluetooth headset.


3 hours / Black / 25 cm, 3 hours / Black / 30 cm, 3 hours / Gray / 25 cm, 3 hours / Gray / 30 cm, 3 hours / Others / 25 cm, 3 hours / Others / 30 cm, 5 hours / Black / 25 cm, 5 hours / Black / 30 cm, 5 hours / Gray / 25 cm, 5 hours / Gray / 30 cm, 5 hours / Others / 25 cm, 5 hours / Others / 30 cm, 8 hours / Black / 25 cm, 8 hours / Black / 30 cm, 8 hours / Gray / 25 cm, 8 hours / Gray / 30 cm, 8 hours / Others / 25 cm, 8 hours / Others / 30 cm


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