Copag 139 Marked Cards with Luminous Ink Marks

Copag 139 marked poker cards for luminous ink are one of the most popular poker decks in Brazil. Being different from the Copag plastic playing cards, Copag 139 cards are…
As a professional marked cards source factory in China, we can provide customers with Bicycle and Copag two Featured Brands marked cards, the quality is reliable, and it will help you get more wins in the casino.

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Copag 139 Marked Glow Ink Playing Cards are one of the most popular playing cards in Brazil. Unlike Copag plastic playing cards, Copag 139 playing cards are paper and have luminous markers on the back for good labeling. Stealth markers perform as well as other Copag marked playing cards.

These playing cards are not difficult to mark and always turn into high quality glow in the dark signs. Copag 139 marked decks have luminous ink markings on the back, which can be seen clearly with infrared sunglasses or contact lenses, and no marks or logos can be seen by human eyes.

Copag 139 Glow In The Dark Ink Marking Cards can have different markings for different games with different rules. Our technicians can do a good job of marking cards with different markers for your game. There are usually three types of ink markers that people use frequently. 1. In the middle of the back is a large mark of color and number. Second, there are four small marks on each corner. Third, it is the small marks on the four white sides. In addition to these three marking models, if you need large quantities of Copag 139 marking plates, our technicians can also customize marking according to your requirements.

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