Copag 4 Corner Jumbo Index Luminous Ink Marked Cards

Copag 4 PIP jumbo index luminous ink marked cards are marked with luminous ink whose marks are unreadable to your naked eyes. And only with the help of different poker…
As a professional marked cards source factory in China, we can provide customers with Bicycle and Copag two Featured Brands marked cards, the quality is reliable, and it will help you get more wins in the casino.

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Copag 4 PIP Jumbo Index Glow in the Dark Ink Marker Cards are marked with luminous ink that is unreadable to the naked eye. Only with the help of different poker cheats you can read texas hold’em games at different distances. According to the reading tool, it can be divided into three types of cards.

The first Copag 4-Corner Jumbo Index Glow in the Dark Ink Marker Card was printed for infrared contact lenses or infrared/ultraviolet eyeglasses. For this type of card, the back of the card is always written in invisible ink. With the marked card detector you can read cards within 5 meters if you don’t have short wires.

The second Copag 4 PIP jumbo deck usually has a large mark in the middle of the back for the IR camera lens. No doubt we could also make small marks on the four corners of the card and on the white line. In a way, the cards are marked in the same way as the first cards, just with a different ink, so these cards can only be seen with an infrared poker camera.

The last is a card marked with Copag 4pip barcode luminescent ink, which can only be read with a poker analyzer or poker scanner. Barcodes don’t like the markings on the back. It is like the barcode of the product and should be analyzed by the poker scanning system. Finally, you will receive the game results in advance through the headset.

Copag ink marked cards can be used with a variety of poker cheating equipment for perfect results.


Blue / Barcode / Infrared Poker Camera, Blue / Barcode / Poker Analyzer, Blue / IR Marks / Infrared Poker Camera, Blue / IR Marks / Poker Analyzer, Red / Barcode / Infrared Poker Camera, Red / Barcode / Poker Analyzer, Red / IR Marks / Infrared Poker Camera, Red / IR Marks / Poker Analyzer


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