Audi Car Key Scanner Camera Poker Card Reader

Audi car key camera is the latest product in our company. Before, we have Toyota and BMW car key cameras. But now Audi car key camera is also on sale….

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Audi car key camera is the latest product of our company. Before, we had car key cameras from Toyota and BMW. But now the Audi car key camera is also on sale. Car key scanner camera is a good choice for car owners. First of all, car keys are everyday items. The car key poker camera is machined from real Audi car keys, so it will not affect the suspicion of other players. Second, the car key is small in size. It is easy to carry. Put it in your pocket when you go out.

When gambling, you can put the car key on the card table, which can better scan the cards marked next to it. The camera in the car key can be specially set to different scanning distances. A common distance is about 25-40 cm. This distance is suitable for the dealer because they are very close to the playing cards. If you can’t sit near a card marked with a barcode, you’ll need to purchase a remote camera.

There is a signal transmitter in the Audi car key poker scanning camera. Thus, the scanner can transmit information to the analyzer after completing the scan. It cannot calculate a possible winner alone. It must be used with a poker analyzer. No matter which card analyzer you use, our car key card scanner for Audi can interface with them.

With the help of Audi Poker Scanner Camera, all you need to do is wait for the result of the analyzer. Victory is no longer difficult.


20-40 CM / Blakc / Metal, 20-40 CM / Blakc / Plastic, 20-40 CM / Gold / Metal, 20-40 CM / Gold / Plastic, 20-40 CM / Gray / Metal, 20-40 CM / Gray / Plastic, 20-40 CM / Others / Metal, 20-40 CM / Others / Plastic, 20-40 CM / Silver / Metal, 20-40 CM / Silver / Plastic, 8-20 CM / Blakc / Metal, 8-20 CM / Blakc / Plastic, 8-20 CM / Gold / Metal, 8-20 CM / Gold / Plastic, 8-20 CM / Gray / Metal, 8-20 CM / Gray / Plastic, 8-20 CM / Others / Metal, 8-20 CM / Others / Plastic, 8-20 CM / Silver / Metal, 8-20 CM / Silver / Plastic


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