Should Poker Player Glasses Be Banned?

Sunglasses can be worn by poker players for many reasons. Some players believe they can help hide tells from their opponents, while others find them to be an attractive accessory. However, a recent controversy surrounding a player using sunglasses in the World Series of Poker has given sunglasses a bad reputation in poker. Some top players, such as Daniel Negreanu have called for sunglasses to be banned in a game.

Some people think that wearing sunglasses at a poker table can reveal the player’s hole cards to other players. This is a myth because professional players never reveal anything to other players by the way they look at their cards. They bend the corners of their card to peek at it. In addition, most dealers and tournament organizers use infrared and UV technology to check for marked decks. This method would require cheaters to overcome many obstacles to be successful. They would also be easily detected by these devices.

Many top players wear sunglasses during a game because it is part of their routine. They feel that it gives them a feeling of confidence and they do not want their opponents to be able to read any physical tells. Sunglasses protect the eyes from the excessive blue light emitted by poker tables and fluorescent lighting in poker room. This can cause eye strain, itching and other problems.