The Watch Poker Camera Barcode Cards Reader

Have you heard about the watch poker camera barcode cards reader? It is different from the camera which is applied to take photos. Wristwatch poker scanning camera is a kind…

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Have you heard of watch poker camera barcode readers? It is different from the camera used to take pictures. The watch poker scanning camera is a poker cheater for scanning invisible ink barcode cards.

First of all, the watch poker camera barcode reader, in simple terms, is a watch with a built-in miniature scanning camera. This scanning camera can scan invisible barcodes on game decks. Usually, the barcode is processed on the four edges of the card, which cannot be read directly by human eyes.

A watch with a poker card reader scanner looks like a regular watch. There is no difference between them. Poker camera readers are usually clasp or dial mounted. Various watches can be matched with various poker cameras. By the way, different barcode card cameras have different scanning ranges, from 20cm to 40cm, from 5cm to 15cm, and the scanning distance can be customized. The battery of the watch poker camera can work for about an hour and can be replaced.


What’s more, the watch poker camera barcode reader should work with the poker analyzer. The poker camera is used to scan the barcode and then transmit the signal to the mobile phone analyzer. Afterwards, the poker winner detector will calculate the first and second place winners. You can get results by wearing the mini bluetooth. A poker analyzer can be a smartphone or other object.


The watch poker camera can be used for various poker games and poker magic. This watch barcode reader is compatible with any brand of marked cheat cards such as Copag, Fournier, Modiano and more.

In addition, in addition to watch poker cameras, there are various poker scanning cameras such as lighters, wallets, and power banks. If you are interested in them, you can find them on our website.


Black / Leather / 1 hour, Black / Leather / 2 hours, Black / Metal / 1 hour, Black / Metal / 2 hours, Gold / Leather / 1 hour, Gold / Leather / 2 hours, Gold / Metal / 1 hour, Gold / Metal / 2 hours, Gray / Leather / 1 hour, Gray / Leather / 2 hours, Gray / Metal / 1 hour, Gray / Metal / 2 hours, Others / Leather / 1 hour, Others / Leather / 2 hours, Others / Metal / 1 hour, Others / Metal / 2 hours


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