Prestige Bicycle Marked Playing Cards

Prestige Bicycle marked playing cards are the popular cheating devices in poker tricks. Bicycle, as one of the most popular poker brands, has been favored by poker players and magicians…
poker cheat poker cards include Barcode marked cards, Infrared Marked Cards, they look like ordinary cards. But they are different indeed. Because there is an invisible barcode or mark on the edge of the cards. So that the poker card scanner can scan the barcode , and it will send the information to the video poker hand analyzer host and see through the results through matching glasses.

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Prestige Bicycle marked playing cards are a popular cheating tool in poker tricks. As one of the most popular poker brands, Bicycle has been favored by poker players and magicians all over the world. Prestige Bicycle is one of the most iconic and popular decks of the Bicycle brand. It offers exceptional flexibility and unmatched durability, and is the only card that is 100% plastic yet delivers a paper-like feel. Prestige Bicycle playing cards are available in poker clubs, magic shows and casinos.

At our company, we use a poker printer with special inks to mark Prestige Bicycle playing cards. Prestige Bicycle Poker Cheat Cards for Contact Lenses are marked on the back. Generally speaking, the large font in the middle is favored by many poker players, because this mark can be clearly seen even from 3 meters away.

Once printed, these marked cards will last for months, even if you play regularly. Luminous markers will last about 1-2 years without opening the package. The marking ink we use is invisible to the naked eye. Visually, the bike cards with the Prestige logo are indistinguishable from the original playing cards. It won’t cause other players to suspect.


Jumbo Index / Blue / Barcode, Jumbo Index / Blue / IR & UV Markings, Jumbo Index / Red / Barcode, Jumbo Index / Red / IR & UV Markings, Standard Index / Blue / Barcode, Standard Index / Blue / IR & UV Markings, Standard Index / Red / Barcode, Standard Index / Red / IR & UV Markings


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