iPhone Scanning Camera Marked Cards Detector

Iphone scanning camera marked cards detector is for barcode marked playing cards. There is a mini scanner inside the real Iphone model that cannot be detected by our human nude…

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Iphone Scanning Camera Marked Playing Card Detector for Barcode Marked Playing Cards. Real Iphone mockups have a tiny scanner inside that is undetectable to our naked eyes. So in our human eyes, there is no difference between an unprocessed Iphone and an Iphone scan camera.


The scanning distance between the Iphone poker cheating camera and the barcode label is about 20-40cm. If you want to adjust the scanning distance, just place the scanner at the best position you want. Adjusting it is very easy and imperceptible. It is within this range that poker players will be able to use their poker analyzers just fine.

So is it difficult to operate in poker? of course not. First, change the local scanner in phone settings to wireless camera. Then turn on the scanner with a needle and place the marked card within distance. All the steps to operate the Iphone scanner only takes about 1-2 minutes. In the game, you only need to control the scanning distance between the iPhone poker cheater and the poker cards marked with barcodes. Applying it to any game you play is easy, safe, fast and convenient. You wouldn’t be able to have such an extra edge in your game without the Iphone Scanner.


20-40 CM / 17 cm / 3 hours, 20-40 CM / 17 cm / 5 hours, 20-40 CM / 25 cm / 3 hours, 20-40 CM / 25 cm / 5 hours, 8-20 CM / 17 cm / 3 hours, 8-20 CM / 17 cm / 5 hours, 8-20 CM / 25 cm / 3 hours, 8-20 CM / 25 cm / 5 hours


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