Poker Card Cheating Device

Some people use a poker card cheating gadget to increase their chances of winning a game. The device scans the bar codes on a deck of cards and provides information about the ranking and suit of each card. It can also tell players what hand they are going to win. The device can be hidden in a power bank, watch or other item that is easy to conceal at a poker game. It can even be disguised as a ring.

Another popular poker cheating device is a shiner. The shiner can be a mirror, or any other object that reflects the indexes on the cards. This allows players to read cards without the other players noticing. The shiner can be anything that is easy to conceal at a poker table, including a lighter or a ring with the bottom half polished so it will reflect the card indexes.

A skilled cheat will also use the technique of false dealing. Card sharps will often deal themselves a desired card. This card is usually the card at the bottom of the deck or a particular card in the center. This can be performed with or without the help of a confederate.

The CVK 500 poker analyzer, which looks and functions like a normal phone, has an internal scanning camera. The poker scanner can be used to scan the barcodes hidden on marked playing cards. It can be attached to a phone or inserted into a deck of cards.