Marked Cards Bicycle

Marked cards are playing cards with invisible markings. This allows a magician or poker player to cheat during play time without being detected by the other players. These marks can be used in a variety ways and for different purposes. These decks come in handy for card tricks, magic, and other forms of entertainment.

This deck comes with a tuckbox and instructions to decode the markings. It also looks like a regular ungimmicked deck of Bicycle Rider Back cards, so it should go undetected by spectators.

Although it is not impossible to cheat with these cards, the cards aren’t intended for this purpose. It’s important to remember that it’s illegal and unethical to mark cards in order to cheat at card games, and if you are caught you could face serious consequences.

This is a great deck of marked playing cards that’s reasonably priced. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to expand their card magic repertoire or for those who want to be prepared for a game of poker.

This deck is printed using the USPCC Elite Stock which makes it flexible. It is also very durable with its smooth edges and traditional cut. It’s also extremely easy to read, thanks to the unique markings. The deck contains 2 identical jokers as well as a double-backer and an ad.