Invisible Ink With Glasses

Invisible ink with lenses invisible ink contact lens is a kind poker cheating tool that can read marks on marked playing cards. They are a part luminous ink kit and can also be classified as poker contact lenses IR/UV. These luminous contact lens can see the invisible markings on the marked cards and are the most practical poker cheating devices available.

Because the color of an individual’s eyeball may affect the color position for invisible ink contact lenses, people worry that they might be seen when wearing luminous contacts to cheat at cards. This is a completely unnecessary worry. If the invisible contact lenses are worn under UV light, they can be excited to emit a light of a different colour. The resulting color will only appear under UV light, so it will not be visible to people outside the lens.

These luminous contacts can be used by players of all colors and are suitable for most types of eyes. They are also a great choice for magicians who want to make their performance more realistic and mysterious. The invisible ink with glasses can help magicians read the marks on the playing cards and perform their magic shows more perfectly.

If you want to read invisible ink through glasses, we recommend choosing a UV lens with a central thickness of 0.06mm. This will improve the sharpness. The central thickness of the lens can have a direct impact on the accuracy with which you read the markings. In addition, a higher central thickness can also increase the comfort and usability of these invisible ink contact lenses.