How to Read Invisible Ink For Poker Cards

How to read invisible ink on poker cards?

The video of the poker game went viral after the punters discovered the invisible markings on the host’s deck. They suspected that the host was cheating as the markings were only visible when a UV light was shined on them. The host denied cheating but was still dumbfounded and stunned by the revelation. He also appeared to be unsure of how to react. Some commentators have defended the host saying that his reactions were an indication that he was not cheating but rather just stunned at what he had seen.

Invisible ink can be used in a variety of ways to mark poker cards. Some cards are marked using UV ink that only appears when they are exposed to light. Others are marked with bar code, which is a type of invisible ink that only works when the cards are scanned by a poker analyzer. This is an advanced type of marked cards that can only used to cheat at high stakes games.

GS marked card contact lenses suppliers are able to provide you with invisible poker ink that is detectable by different poker scanner cameras. Poker sunglasses with a hidden filter that detects infrared light can also detect the marked cards. These invisible sunglasses do not look different from regular sunglasses and can’t be detected by any other poker players. It is safe to wear these glasses as they will not charge your eyes color or harm them.