Focus on Acres: Video Poker Analyzer Gives Casinos Valuable Information

Focus on Acres Video Poker Analyzer provides casinos with valuable information for optimizing marketing and operations

Acres Manufacturing’s Foundation casino management system, which includes granular data capabilities, was unveiled at G2E in 2014 and had a huge impact on the global gambling industry. The company is now releasing a powerful new application that leverages the same tech to provide casinos a wealth data about how players interact their video poker machines.

The new Optimal Poker Analyzer app utilizes the power of Foundation to interrogate every decision made in a video poker game and grades the player’s actual in-hand play as a deviation from the expected return of an optimal strategy. The app is designed to be compatible with any Foundation-equipped machine, including video poker variations.

Noah Acres explains how the new app can benefit casinos.

The new Optimal Poker Analyzer from Acres analyzes each hand to determine the best cards for that hand. It then compares those odds with the cards that are held and gives the best strategy so that a player can maximize their chances of winning. The software will also provide the odds for each hand based on the amount of money that the player is expected make.

It’s no secret that skilled players – sometimes known as advantage players – can generate positive expected returns that cause casinos to lose money, especially when they are incentivized with rewards or other offers. However, casinos often have no idea how many advantage players are out there or if they are playing video poker at their properties.

A second problem is that casinos exclude video poker from their loyalty programs or players clubs, or reduce the value of points awarded in comparison to a traditional video slot or reel machine. As a result, it is very difficult for a casino’s marketing division to cultivate a video poker audience.

Using Acres’ patented technology, the Optimal Poker Analyzer app solves both of these problems for operators. It gathers valuable information on the video poker players that are already being targeted by casinos, allowing them to refine and develop their promotion efforts. The app is even capable of creating personalized videos that offer bonuses to players based on their behavior. The Optimal Poker Analyzer is available through the App Store now for $4.99. For more information please visit, or call (800 625-8736. Acres is also exhibiting at G2E, with its revolutionary mobile platform, Cashless casino, and Precision bonusing – a solution that takes customer engagement and casino promotions to a new level.