Contact Lenses to See Invisible Ink

The average contact lens practice makes 33% of its revenue from contact lenses. Many ODs feel like they are losing ground to online contact lens vendors, but it isn’t because of the emergence of subscription contacts; the money is being lost due to patients not reordering from their eye doctors. There are ways to keep those dollars coming in to your practice.

You can offer rebates to patients who purchase a full year’s supply of lenses. This is a great opportunity to show your patients that you are interested in keeping them and your team as customers and that they are valued.

Another option is to partner up with a practice owned and operated contact lens market. This allows you to offer your patients a private label daily disposable soft contact lens that can compete on price with the major brands but has the added benefit of being made by your team of doctors and being backed by a practitioner-supported brand. This arrangement is especially useful for practices that fit a large number of patients with gas-permeable lenses.

You can also create a custom website for your office that offers this service, so that when a patient comes in they can easily log in and order their lenses. This saves your staff time, and means you can use their time on tasks that make you more money such as calling past due patients or scheduling appointments.

These contact lenses with invisible ink can help you see invisible marks on marked cards that are not visible to the naked eye. Unlike colored contacts, these invisible ink contacts don’t change your eye color, so you can wear them with any color of eyes. This type of invisible contacts is popular with magicians and poker players.

Luminous invisible ink contact lenses are available in a variety of colors, including red, green, blue, brown and gray. You can choose the color according to your eye color and need. These contact lenses with invisible ink can detect infrared marks in marked cards.