Cheating in Plain Sight: Exploring Poker Cheat Glasses

Exploring Poker Cheat Glasses: Cheating in Plain View

We are all familiar with the big revelation trope from movies and TV, where a character finally sees a cheating spouse. In reality, it’s not always easy to catch someone in the act. Infidelity can hide in plain view. In fact, many cheaters have figured out ways to mask their infidelity in various digital spaces and apps.

For example a cheater may save images or video on an app marketed as secure cloud storage or a password protected calculator, obscuring the content in a vault or vaults. A cheater could use an ad free messaging app designed to encrypt messages and chats, such as Telegram, to prevent their lover from screenshotting text conversations. Using an email address with a false name or adding the lover’s number to a family member’s or friend’s contact list is another popular method for hiding infidelity.

These forums are often populated by teens, who may be at their highest risk appetite during adolescence, as well as adults who want to avoid the stigma of being labeled a cheater and are interested in the secretive pleasures that come with unethical behavior (see “The Cheater’s High”). These forums are often populated with teens who are at their most risky during adolescence. They also include adults who are looking to avoid the stigma associated with being a cheater, and who are interested in the secretive thrills that come from unethical behavior.

Most often, an SO will act secretively to indicate that they are about to be caught. Christine says that if your SO is suddenly very careful about their phone, such as leaving it in their car or locker while they’re at work and then returning it to their room when the phone rings, this is a red-flag.